• vollgo Cloud Platform

    The open IoT cloud platform provides one-stop solutions for customers' core needs

What is vollgo-cloud

A system to quickly build an Internet of Things system

Wojinyun provides enterprises with a one-stop solution for software and hardware, empowering many sub-sectors, providing safe and reliable equipment access, application development, configuration services, operation and maintenance management, data statistics and analysis and other core functions. Open platform capabilities, Help companies build their own IoT systems with low cost and high efficiency with modular, componentized, and systematic capabilities

  • Enter the device code to directly add the device, support multi-protocol and multi-type devices to quickly connect to the cloud

  • Seamlessly dock device data, and build modal-related applications for the required scenarios at low cost through application development tools

  • Form an integrated, comprehensive, comprehensive IoT data storage analysis management of terminal equipment and communication equipment

Cloud platform system framework

The IoT cloud switch realizes point-to-point data transparent transmission and easily connects to third-party business systems

Platform features

  • With automatic disaster recovery, load balancing and other capabilities to provide all-weather operation and maintenance monitoring services

  • A variety of authentication methods and encryption protocols, all-round realization of the security guarantee of the whole link of the platform

  • Compatible with common industrial protocols and extensions to meet the requirements of various equipment and access scenarios

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