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L76K is a support multi-satellite system (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, QZSS), multi-system joint positioning and single system independent positioning, support AGNSS function, built-in low-noise amplifier and surface acoustic filter, can provide users with fast and accurate , GNSS module with high-performance positioning experience.

Main performance

parameter instruction
Default galaxy configuration ●GPS + BeiDou
Frequency band ●GPS L1 C/A:1575.42 ±1.023 MHz
●BeiDou B1I:1561.098 ±2.046 MHz
●GLONASS L1:1597.78~1605.66 MHz
Power supply voltage range:2.7~3.4 V,Typical value:3.3 V
L76K VCC = 3.3 V @ -130 dBm                                                    GPS                                     GPS + BeiDou                                          GPS + GLONASS

capture(mA)                                 23                                                        26                                                                         26

track(mA)                                23                                                         26                                                                         26

Standby(μA)                           20                                                        20                                                                          20

Backup(μA)                             8                                                           8                                                                            8

Receiving sensitivity(GPS + BeiDou) ●capture:-147 dBm●Recapture:-159 dBm

●track:-162 dBm

First fix time(AGNSS Turn on,Real network 500

Second-rate/Test average)

●Cold start:5.5 s

●Warm start:2 s

●Hot Start:2 s

First fix time(AGNSS closure,Real network 500

Second-rate/Test average)

●Cold start:30 s●Warm start:2 s

●Hot Start:2 s

Horizontal position accuracy (autonomous) ●< 2.0 m CEP,50%,Static 2 hours,-130 dBm,More than 6 satellites
Update rate ●Default 1 Hz, up to 5 Hz
1PPS Signal accuracy ●Typical accuracy:< 30 ns●Pulse width: 100 ms
Speed accuracy ●<0.1 m/s
Dynamic performance ●Acceleration:4 G
UART interface ●Default baud rate:9600 bps●Used for command input、NMEA Statement output
temperature range ●range of working temperature:-40 °C ~ +85 °C●Storage temperature range:-40 °C ~ +90 °C
Physical properties ●Size:(10.1 ±0.15) mm × (9.7 ±0.15) mm × (2.0 ±0.20) mmweight: 0.4 g
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