Wireless parameters

project condition Typical value unit
Wireless parameters Frequency range 2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz
output power -21~ 5 dBm
Output power adjustment step in dB steps dB
Receive sensitivity -103dBm@125k bps, BLE5.0 dBm
Maximum input signal dBm

Power Consumption

Ambient temperature: 25℃ Working voltage: 3.3V Working mode: LDO mode

project Operating mode Typical value unit
Current RTC Run, RAM/CPU Guarantee
1.1 μA
OFF mode 100 nA
TX @+5dBm 9.1 mA
RX 5.9 mA

工作条件Operating Conditions

Operating supply
voltage VDDS
For operation in battery-powered and 3.3-V systems
(internal DC-DC can be used to minimize power consumption)
1.8 3.3 3.8 V
Operating supply
voltage (VDDS and
VDDR), external
regulator mode
For operation in 1.8-V systems
(VDDS and VDDR pins connected on PCB, internal DC-DC cannot be used)
1.7 1.95 V
Ambient temperature -40 + 25 +85

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply voltage (VDDS, VDDS2,
and VDDS3)
VDDR supplied by internal DC-DC regulator or
internal GLDO. VDDS_DCDC connected to VDDS on
-0.3 4.1 V
Input RF level 5 dBm
Tstg Storage temperature -40 +150

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