• 4G Module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • GNSS系列模块
  • sub-G Module

Application scenario

  • Smart light control

    The intelligent lighting control system adopts advanced technology, which can keep the indoor illuminance at a constant value at all times, can make full use of natural light to achieve energy saving, greatly save electricity, and can also be environmentally friendly.

  • Smart street light

    Street lamps are managed through the platform, street lamp fault information is collected and located through the information platform, and the operation data of various equipment related to each street lamp is collected and analyzed, so as to carry out real-time and efficient control of street lamps.

  • Environmental temperature and humidity monitoring

    At present, various industries pay more and more attention to warehouse storage. Many warehouses store very important substances, such as tobacco leaves, spinning, medicinal materials, and food. The industries that use temperature and humidity monitoring systems include cold chain transportation, food cold storage, and computer room environmental temperature and humidity monitoring.

  • Smart Security

    The wireless fire alarm solution is a fire-fighting Internet of Things application launched using the latest LoRa/LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technology, and is oriented to park-type construction projects such as smart communities, campus smart fire protection, and smart industrial parks.

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