• Smart street light application program

    Real-time and efficient regulation of street lights

Manage street lamps through the platform, collect and locate street lamp fault information through the information platform, collect and analyze the operation data of various equipment related to each street lamp, and provide decision-making support for the relevant management department of street lamps, so as to carry out real-time and efficient regulation of street lamps . Formulate relevant energy-saving strategies to realize the high-efficiency secondary energy-saving of LED street lamps. By setting different timing switch lights and dimming strategies for different stages, real on-demand lighting is realized, the waste of electric energy is minimized, and the secondary energy saving effect of 30%-40% is achieved.

Functional block diagram

Intelligent street lamp control module, outdoor monitoring and control. Platform data layer: It can be customized according to customer requirements, and Wojin cloud services can also be used. Centralized controller: adopts 4G/NB network, the interface is open and can be connected to the customer’s own platform cloud service according to customer requirements. The terminal equipment end controls multiple equipment ends through lora communication to form a grouped layout network. Terminal equipment (light pole): standard control interface, simple docking control equipment, the existing module uses active temperature compensation crystal, adapt to the outdoor high and low temperature environment and stable communication, the chip uses LORA spread spectrum technology to cover a longer communication distance.

Products Recommended

Serial number Device name model parameter
1 433Module VG2389S433N0S1 433/470MHz Visible>5km LORA Buy
2 868/915Module VG2387S868N0S1 868/915MHzVisible>5km LORA Buy
3 4GModule
8 Please contact our salesperson for complete model information


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