• Smart home application solution

    Indoor and outdoor remote control of lighting dimming equipment

The intelligent lighting control system adopts advanced technology, which can keep the indoor illuminance at a constant value at all times, can make full use of natural light to achieve energy saving, greatly save electricity, and can also be environmentally friendly.

Functional block diagram

Smart home, smart hotel and other control, module solutions are mature, 433/868MHz frequency band long-distance strong penetration, stable communication control, simple communication node layout, effectively covering every node, avoiding control communication blind spots.

Products Recommended

Serial number Device name model parameter Buy
1 433Module VG2342S433N0M1 433MHz/470MHz  Visible>1.5km Buy
2 433Module VGdd79S433N0S1 433MHz/470MHz Visible>3km  LORA Buy
3 868/915Module VG2342S915N0M1 868MHz/915MHz Visible>1.5km Buy
4 868/915Module VGdd79S915N0S1 868MHz/915MHz Visible>3km LORA Buy
5 2.4GModule 2.4GMHz Buy
6 Bluetooth module BLE Buy
7 WIFIModule
8 4GModule Please contact our salesperson for complete model information 移远


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