• Temperature and humidity monitoring application program

    Temperature and humidity monitoring application

At present, various industries are paying more and more attention to product production, item management and warehouse storage. Many warehouses store very important substances, such as tobacco, spinning, medicinal materials, and food. The industries that use temperature and humidity monitoring systems include cold chain transportation, food cold storage, and computer room environmental temperature and humidity monitoring.

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1 433/470模块 VG2421T433N1S1 Arm-M3内核模块,低功耗,丰富接口 可视>1.5km 购买
2  868/915模块 VG2421T915N1S1 Arm-M3内核模块,低功耗,丰富接口, 可视>1.5km 购买
3 433/470模块 VG2379S433N0S1 LORA扩频技术,低功耗,可视>3km 购买
4 868/915模块 VG2373S915N0S1 LORA扩频技术,低功耗,可视>3km 购买
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